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Safety Measures When Scuba Diving

Scuba Divers

Scuba diving offers individuals an impressive glimpse of life under the sea. So, most people who travel to tourist spots known for their amazing beaches and exquisite marine life often grab the opportunity to swim and check out the marvels found in the deep. But those who want to try out scuba diving or even those who are already expert swimmers should understand that there are risks involved, which is why they need to be safe all the time.

To avoid accidents that can result in grave injuries, loss of life and legal hassles, it’s still best to be cautious when diving. Here are 2 important tips for all divers out there.

1. Do not drink and dive

Alcohol compromises people’s ability to react quickly to the things around them. A diver won’t be able to readily recognize dangerous situations and he also won’t be able to perform required tasks efficiently. Alcohol also dehydrates the body and it is vital for divers to be well-hydrated. Why? Because there are so many things that can cause dehydration while near or in the sea. Exposure to the sun, wind, and even to salt water reduces the body’s water content. Divers also sweat under their rubber suits. Some even pee in their suits while diving due to a process known as “immersion diuresis”, wherein urinary output increases due to several surrounding elements, such as cool water temperatures and increased pressure under water. So, it’s only prudent to avoid drinking alcohol or getting drunk before diving.

2. Undergo proper training and medical assessment

Those who have never experienced diving should make sure that they obtain experience and knowledge through proper training. Getting scuba diving certification before actually diving is safer than just going diving without prior training or experience. A qualified diver will feel more confident under water; and thus, he also dives carefully, following all the things he has learned. As for those who dive without proper training, they can endanger themselves when they get into situations wherein they won’t know what to do. Many resorts actually offer diving experiences to their guests, which may be dangerous for those who lack experience. For those who truly want to try out diving without being truly prepared for the activity, they should avoid going deep. They can also try snorkeling instead.

Medical Assessment

A thorough medical exam is also vital for those who want to dive. It is essential to establish that one is fit to dive because this activity is strenuous and quite challenging. Those who have respiratory or heart conditions, as well as those with epilepsy and clotting disorders are usually not given approval to dive.

Diving Accidents

Many individuals, even seasoned divers, have drowned for ignoring scuba diving safety regulations. A number of people have also gotten into diving accidents because of faulty equipment or inexperienced guides. In case of a diving accident wherein negligence is suspected, a victim can take legal action with the help of injury lawyers. But victims should choose attorneys who have experience in prosecuting scuba diving accidents since there are many issues that need to be dealt with which are also unique to such types of cases, such as primary assumption of risks and understanding of maritime laws.


The article is by Claire Waltham. She blogs for successful attorneys like Bob M. Cohen, who is a successful personal injury lawyer. Mr. Cohen specializes in personal injury cases and is an expert in handling cases concerning scuba diving accidents.

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