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5 Creative Anti-Theft Tips To Help Protect Your Car

Cars in TrafficIn recent times, cases of car theft in America have increased. The months of July and August are notorious for high rates of car theft. There are various strategies that could secure the safety of your automobile. Some of them require considerable financial investment. There are others that only need a tinge of creativity. Examples of these creative and helpful tips include:

Parking in Public PlacesParking Lot

Parking your car in public and crowded places has the desirable effect of creating confusion in the minds of potential criminals. They usually think that anybody in the vicinity could be the car owner. Stealing becomes hard since these criminals do not want to risk their capture.

Parking in crowded and public places is also advantageous since there are a lot of eyewitnesses. The presence of many people acts as a deterrent to car thieves. This is because it increases the likelihood of being nabbed thanks to eyewitness accounts from the public.

Tint Your Windows

Leaving valuables lying openly in the car tempts thieves into breaking and stealing your vehicle. One way of curtailing this temptation is to tint your windows. Tinted windows prevent thieves from peering into the car. Also, tinted windows make it quite obvious to other people about the presence of a potential car thief. The thief would have to peer through the window; peering is quite the opposite of a car owner. The tinted window in this case raises suspicions about the identity of the stranger cum potential thief.Tinted Windows

Positioning Your Car Strategically

The way you park your car may prevent thieves from towing it easily. The perfect way is to position your automobile with its tires sitting sideways. Emergency brakes can also come to your aid when car thieves strike. It would be wise of you to always apply emergency brakes when parking. Emergency brakes have the similar effect of preventing easy towing of your automobile.

Using Kill Switches

A kill switch is another creative strategy that can prevent the theft of your car. It shuts down a section of your vehicle’s electrical system such as the starter or the fuel system. It renders your car temporarily morbid and the thief cannot drive away. It is important that you install this device at a concealed place so that potential criminals cannot deactivate it easily. Then again, deactivation is always a complicated task that takes up a lot of time.

Printing Your VIN on Your Car Windows

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is the unique serial number of your car. It consists of 17 digits and appears on your car title, registration cards, insurance and the dashboard. You should etch it on the car windows and other parts. It is a creative deterrent to thieves flirting with the idea of stealing your car. Etching your VIN will also assist the authorities in tracking your vehicle immediately.

Grand theft auto—the other name for car theft—is a car owner’s worst nightmare. You do not have to invest heavily in anti-theft equipment. These simple strategies are creative and helpful enough to prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality.

To learn more anti-theft tips visit today. This guest post was written by Jon Schneider.

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