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The Best Time to Visit Rome

Most visitors to Rome consider the weather when deciding the best time to visit. April through June and September and October offer the most pleasant weather, often called “shoulder seasons” because they do not fall within peak tourist times or low season. Tourists typically find the weather warm but not unbearably hot during these two periods but may find long lines at tourist attractions.

Springtime events include sporting competitions such as marathons that draw runners from all over the region. Cultural events featuring photography, literature, and films also occur during this time of year when there is little chance of rain ruining outdoor festivities. The traditional spring festival features outdoor concerts. Spring is also the time when Rome sets aside one week when entrance to museums and monuments is free. During Lenten and Easter seasons, many Italians flock to Rome to visit churches and hear the pope celebrate mass in St. Peter’s Square.

Autumn starts in September when fewer tourists visit Rome because children go back to school. Rain usually starts by November, making umbrellas and rain gear important items to pack. During the autumn season, Romans celebrate the harvest and engage in food festivals. This is the time of year when mushrooms, truffles, and chestnuts appear in local markets.

There are many Rome apartments for rent either for a night or two or longer stays. Peak rental season occur between Easter and October. Visitors who rent apartments in Rome enjoy the opportunity to live like the locals, shopping at nearby markets and stores. They can save money by preparing some food in apartment kitchens, combining simple meals with dining out. Most Rome apartments come equipped with towels and linens, but tourists should bring their own toiletries. Maid service may or may not be available at every apartment in Rome.

Travellers who don’t mind heat might choose to see Rome in the summer months when temperatures rise into the 90s. Many rooms and shops are not air-conditioned and the climate is humid. During the last two weeks in August some shops and restaurants might close for the annual vacation season when thousands of Romans head to the beach. Music festivals abound during the summer in bars, clubs, and on outdoor stages. Outdoor film festivals also draw visitors, along fashion shows where Italian designers unveil their fall and winter collections.

Those willing to brave cool temperatures could chose to see Rome in winter. It rarely snows in Rome but the weather is damp with average temperature reaching 55 degrees. Dining at outdoor cafes might be limited during this time of year. The Christmas season runs from Dec. 8 through Jan. 6 when Rome becomes adorned with festive lights and religious décor. Musical pageants abound to celebrate the season.

Basically, the best time to visit Rome hinges on the visitor’s tolerance for heat, rain, and crowds. Tourists who travel during peak season might find long lines at attractions but near perfect weather. Traveling during winter months might provide a more relaxed experience but the need to bundle up. Special events and festivals occur year-round, making any time of year a cultural bonanza for tourists.

Next time you are heading over to Europe, why not rent one of the apartments in Rome from Worldwide Accom.There are many within the city centre, giving you easy access to all the attractions.

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