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Are Zoos Good or Bad? What’s your Opinion?

Polar Bear at a ZooThis is an on – going battle. A lot of people are against zoos. However, they can’t stop it because there are millions of people who are enjoying the sights of caged animals. I’m actually puzzled too. To be fair, I have listed 2 pros and 2 cons of zoos. Read it and give your own opinion as well.

Education. Zoos are good because it’s actually an effective educational tool. Students can learn more if they have visuals. If you are teaching animals, the best way to impart the lessons to your students is by taking them to zoos. This is a great place to practice a different style of learning.Asiatic Otters at the Zoo

Conservation. Because of different external forces, wildlife is being threatened. There are a lot of hunters that kill animals without considering the effects of losing the creatures. Zoos are there to help in conservation. Some zoos are serious with their advocacy. They are not operational to earn. They are operational because they want to help the creatures that are being killed by greedy people.

Now, let us tackle the cons of building zoos.

Dolphin at the ZooEntertainment. Who doesn’t love dolphin shows? Who’s not a fan of elephant tricks? Who wouldn’t want to see a lion being tamed by an average Joe? As humans, we always have that craving to see creatures being controlled by our fellow humans. Yes, it is pleasing to the eye. However, there are times that we go overboard. There are times that we abuse the capability of these animals for our own pleasure.

Prison.  Are zoos becoming a prison? I have read an article about elephants. Most zoos can’t give the required space for elephants. Since they are big Elephant at the Zoocreatures, they need vast lands. Of course, zoos won’t be able to provide that. Hence, they are making the animal weaker by the day. No wonder that there are a lot of groups who protest against zoos.

I guess it really depends on the objective of building a zoo. If it is for pure pleasure, I would say NO to zoos. But if they aim to help creatures and they want to educate more people, then by all means, YES. I just hope that all zoos in the US have the good intentions. Let’s not abuse our power over animals. We all know that they can be revengeful too. And we wouldn’t want to experience their wrath, would we?

Kim Bookman loves animals and zoos. She noticed that there are zoo owners who are taking advantage of animals. She’s against those kinds of zoos.

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6 comments on “Are Zoos Good or Bad? What’s your Opinion?

  1. Yes it is an on – going debate and one that will probably never be fully agreed upon. As you say they are educational, but again that is a selfish reason because it is educating us, it is all about us. If Zoos were only to house animals that would otherwise have died in the wild, different story. But again maybe it would have been better if they had died and been eaten by their hunter. Also a game park. Is that not just a big zoo? I’ve seen some game farms / parks in South Africa that are very small, but well stocked so that tourists get to actually see the animals. But they are probably too small for these animals resulting in them becoming very tame. This compared to the larger game parks.

  2. Terence
    August 8, 2012

    Zoos are great as they also play a role in education and tourism industry.

  3. Dele@ Travel to Nigeria
    August 9, 2012

    You have raised a thoughtful topic hear. Though animals are meant to live independent of human, how ever it would be difficult for human to have full understanding of the way of life of animals if they are not being caged. Moreover if not for zoos and conservation centers, most of these animals would have gone extinct. I can only advocate that more care should be observed in the way the animals are treated in zoos.

  4. ladyofthezoos
    August 11, 2012

    Great post and glad you were open to the pros. As an animal lover and conservationist at heart I travel the world visiting zoos trying to see the balance and good at their base. Thanks!

  5. sofiavonporat
    August 12, 2012

    It depends on the zoo itself. If the animals have been rescued and in some way been s hurt that it can’t be let go into the free, then a zoo might be the right place. I don’t agree however on trapping large animals in cages too small for themselves, for our own enjoyment if they suffer.

  6. Evander
    May 17, 2017

    I think Zoos are bad because animals need to be in their own habitats. And not be abused by people

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