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Popular Food Destinations While in Ontario!


Popular Food Destinations While in Ontario Canada

Ontario, one of the largest provinces in Canada, is hostto a multicultural sampling of both people and culinary pleasures. Since Ontario is such a vast area encompassing thousands and thousands of food destinations, we have to narrow our search based on popularity.

Little Italy – Toronto, Canada

Located in Southern Ontario, Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario. It also hosts an area called “Little Italy.” You will not find just one restaurant to eat at, but there are over 50 patio style, traditional, Italian establishments ready to serve you. As you walk down College strip your taste buds will be stimulated by the scent of authentic Italian dishes – Linguini with clam sauce, Tortellini ricotta, and of course Lasagna.

If you do visit Little Italy, be sure to stop and checkout the menus at these highly recommend restaurants:

– Frank’s Kitchen
– Giancarlo Trattoria
– La Forchetta
– The Mad Italian

If Toronto is on your list of places to visit while in Ontario, then you Must visit Little Italy…come prepared to Eat.

SweetGrass Bistro – Ottawa, Canada

Further east of Toronto we find a bistro called “Sweetgrass.” It’s located in Ottawa. Ottawa is the national capital of Canada. Sweetgrass is one of the first restaurants in the area to offer aboriginal cuisines. This means their menus change with the seasons, and to keep in step with that concept they make everything in house – breads, sauces, and deserts – made fresh daily.

When people talk about Sweetgrass they use the word “experience,” it’s not just the food that’s great, but it’s the complete aboriginal tradition that a customer experiences. The beat of native drums, native art, native jewelry, attention to detail in both history and culinary taste…this is what makes this bistro unique.

Lets take a look at their summer specialties:

1. Spring Canada Goose Leg
2. Bistro Buffalo Burger
3. Pacific Halibut
4. Grilled Tatonka
5. Water and Land Specials (Seasonal)
6. Elk Dumplings

Locals and visitors alike rate this bistro as one of the best food destinations in the area, keep Sweetgrass in mind if you are anywhere near the Ottawa trails.

Ontario is full of culinary hotspots, this is true from one end of the province to the other. Although we only hit on a few of the more popular spots in the more visited areas, whatever part of Ontario you visit you can be assured that you will find a bistro, cafe, cheese shop, or restaurant that satisfies your taste buds.

When planning your next trip to Ontario checkout You will find this site a fantastic starting point for culinary hotspots and more. By the way, Ontario has one of the richest wine countries in Canada – you may want to ad this to you list of stops too.

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One comment on “Popular Food Destinations While in Ontario!

  1. Dele
    August 9, 2012

    Nice post. Knowing where to get the best food when you are out exploring new destination is a great relief. Whit restaurants like Sweetgrass, a holiday in Canada would be great and “fresh”!

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