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Vacation for Foodies

The Nahuel Huapi Lake in the Argentine Patagonia

One of the best ways to get a feel for a place is by trying as much of the local cuisine as possible. Whether you’re a hardcore foodie or not, there’s something to be said for being adventurous about eating while you’re away from home. Instead of sticking to generic chains with bland dishes, you should broaden your culinary horizons by trying as many things as possible. In Patagonia, giving new flavors a try couldn’t be more fun or rewarding. By signing up for Patagonia tours, you’ll be able to sprinkle delicious meals into your sightseeing adventures.

Exceptionally Diverse Cuisine

Patagonia is located near the southernmost tip of the South American continent. It’s technically in Argentina, but it borders Chile as well. As a result, the local fare is a delightful fusion of some of the finest options from both nations. Whether you prefer food that comes from the land or from the sea, you’re sure to be tickled by what you encounter in Patagonia. However, you’re not going to get very far with your culinary wanderings without a little direction, which is where an experienced tour guide definitely is useful.

Mouth-Watering Patagonian StaplesPatagonia's Foodie Delight

You’re sure to be dazzled by the eclectic array of dishes that you’ll find in Patagonia. As with other parts of Argentina, beef is a staple. Yet no visit to Patagonia would be complete without sampling cordero, or lamb. In this part of the country, the lamb has an especially unique flavor. It is traditionally prepared on a grill, and it couldn’t be more delectable. Seafood also abounds here, and you will find everything from sea bass to king crab. Don’t limit yourself to one kind of food or another; be adventurous and try to mix things up every day.

Top it All Off with a Delicious Dessert

One thing’s for sure: You’ll never go hungry in Patagonia. The region is bursting with all kinds of amazing culinary options, and Patagonia tours help you make the most of them all. In addition to noshing on sublime pastas, seafood, beef and lamb, make sure to take a walk on the sweet side. If nothing else, you should make a point of trying dulce de leche, which is very similar to caramel. You’ll find it in everything from cookies to pastries. In no time at all, you’ll find out why Patagonia is such a great destination for foodies.

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    August 17, 2012

    a world of taste and culinary can be found here.different flavors and different recipeis can make help for people who have passion about it.nice another place which have a beyond food culture is uganda.

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