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Voluntourism – More than just good karma

View from Bromley

Taking a vacation is great, but have you ever returned feeling guilty? Maybe I shouldn’t have spent so much money…  Maybe I could have done something more productive with my time… The list goes on. Many of us “do-gooders” need to get away from the every day hustle and bustle, but just laying around at a resort isn’t our cup of tea.

Here’s a solution, Voluntourism! Instead of just whisking away to some exotic local, you whisk away to help others.  Reminiscent of a mission trip, you travel with a group to a location with a predetermined mission. It could be Habitat for Humanity, it could be helping at a children’s home, you just need to find the right fit for you.

We have just launched our first voluntourism trip! In the thick of winter, we’re sending a group to Jamaica for a yoga and voluntourism retreat! You will enjoy two yoga classes a day with master teachers at the beautiful Bromley retreat center and then go help at a children’s home. Here is a little bit about our service with Sister Jacki!

Our service with Sister Jacki

For the past 20 years Sister Jacki has opened her home to the physically, mentally and emotionally disabled children of Jamaica, giving them a safe place to live over the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays. She presently has 12 people who live in her space of love, joy and happiness. Her family includes two children abandoned at birth, one she has put through school and the other is just one and half years old.  She also cares for Kamar, an 8 year old who suffers from cerebral palsy, Sadiki is 13 and has autism, Amika is also 13 years old with spina bifida and wheelchair bound and three HIV positive brothers: Jordane who is 2, Tyreke is 8 and Kaneil is 10. She also extends her love to a very elderly gentleman and a 93 year old lady. She also has two grown teenagers staying with her. Because she is able to monitor them through the mental health clinic program, they are able to work full time. These homeless and unwanted children and adults are all in the loving kindness of Sister Jacki.

In the school holidays she has up to 40 children staying with her and she provides activities such as games, music and singing but mostly creating a fun environment with great care and love for the sad children. Sister Jacki does this work on a donation basis, which are few and far between, and gives unconditionally from the bottom of her heart. Sister Jacki lives in a very small space, with no running water, yet manages to provide a home for all of these children every holiday without fail. We will be visiting Sister Jacki, the children and adults who keep her home fires burning. They love music and yoga! We will be offering a class as well as collecting donations to bring.

If you would like to join us on this fun trip, visit us at

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