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Ten Things to Do When Visiting New York City

NYC at Night

If you are planning on a trip to New York, aka the Big Apple, you won’t be stuck for things to do – as long as you are feeling energetic. The city belongs to those who get up early and who are ready to walk. With its eight million inhabitants and some 789.4 km2 of land area, New York is full of things to see in every street. Take shoes with good soles plus plasters for blisters in your luggage – and then check out this top ten list of things to do and see when staying in New York.

NYC - Central Park


Central Park

Stroll through Central Park or take a 3 hour walk from North to South Park. It’s green, it’s beautiful, you cannot hear cars and it seems like there are more hot dog stands than benches per square meter.


Rockefeller Center


The Rockefeller Center

Go up into the Rockefeller Center instead of climbing to the top of the Empire State Building. You will have a better view of the Empire State Building from the Rockefeller Center and it won’t be so tiring!




Shopping on BroadwayNYC- Broadway


Go shopping on Broadway and the 5th Avenue. There are some fantastic deals to be found as well as some of the world’s leading brands all having their own shops.




NYC Guggenheim Museum


Art Museums

Go to a museum, there are load of them such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Met, the Guggenheim Museums.  New York is full of works from world-famous artists likeWarhol, Pollock, Kandinsky, and Picasso.


Time SquareNYC-Times Square

Go to Times Square and rub your eyes to the hundreds of commercials and billboards that are flashing – you will be just like a rabbit in front of the headlights.



The Statue of Liberty

Take the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty on Staten Island.  The famous statueStatue of Liberty itself is 46 meters high, seems much less impressive in real life admittedly, than it does on TV – it’s still an essential thing to see though.




NYC - St. Patricks Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Visit St. Patrick’s cathedral: and admire the architectural beauty of New York City, which mixes Gothic and carefree style skyscrapers.  This is a superb place to take photos of the City in its full glory.


Brooklyn BridgeNYC - Brooklyn Bridge

Cross the Brooklyn Bridge, but do so in a hurry before tourists ask you one by one to take photos of them and their friends.  It can be busy, but offers some fantastic views.



NYC - Broadway - Little Women

Broadway Musicals

Go and see a musical on Broadway.  Currently shows are Mamma Mia and The Lion King. Tickets can be quite expensive so make sure that you book well in advance, before you even travel.


Ground Zero

Finally, a trip to New York would not be complete without visiting Ground NYC- Ground ZeroZero where the World Trade Center once stood.  It is a sobering experience and one that will have a profound impact on you no doubt.





Author Bio: Kate Kempton is a travel writer who regularly blogs a tourism column for some of the leading travel websites and newspapers.  For more travel advice check out the Wall Street Journal Weekend edition which has a weekly travel pull out – more details are on

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One comment on “Ten Things to Do When Visiting New York City

  1. transplantedtatar
    September 21, 2012

    Great recommendations! I prefer Top of the Rock to climbing the Empire State building–it is less crowded and the views, I think, are much better (you can see the entire Central Park! And the Empire State itself). For great Central Park views, I also try to go to the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It looks like it’s open (not always the case):

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