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3 Common Pests That Could Travel Home With You

Clothes and Suitcase

When we travel to other countries, we don’t think of pests and other nasty bugs. We are more focused on sightseeing, trying out local food, having pictures taken, and other exciting stuff. Today, however, it’s really practical to be an eager yet practical traveler. So, before being overly wound up about going out and exploring a new place, you should first protect yourself and your belongings from horrid bugs that could easily hitchhike home with you. Remember, once you get these creatures into your home, it’s a whole new battle that you might have some difficulty winning.

Various types of insects can get into your backpack or luggage and travel home with you. Three of the most common bugs that can readily sneak into your things are: ants, roaches, and bed bugs.

AntsDon't bring ants home with you

Ants are attracted to the scent of food, particularly sweets. To make sure that you don’t take them home with you, keep all food items sealed properly. If you like to munch on chips or have some chocolate before bed, seal your leftovers in Ziploc bags. Throw your trash, like fruit peels and candy wrappers, in the bin. Make sure that housekeeping disposes of your trash each day too. Keep fresh fruits and other opened food inside a refrigerator, if one is available in your room. Avoid putting fruits on tables or near your luggage. If you are bringing home some exotic fruits, make sure that you wash these thoroughly and seal them properly.

RoachesDon't let your suitcase become a Roach Motel

Even 5-star hotels have had problems with roaches. These bugs are really sneaky scavengers, and any source of food readily draws them. It’s easy to spot roaches. Just check corners, the inside of closets or drawers, as well as under beds. These bugs are easy to spot because they’re just crawling around looking for food. But make sure that you do your checks at night as they are more active then. Also, they’re quite hard to catch or smack because they can easily squeeze inside tiny spaces. Once you see any sign of roach presence, including brownish to reddish-brown shell or egg casings, inform the front desk so that they become aware of the problem. Make sure to lock or close your bags all the time so that roaches won’t be able to sneak inside your baggage. Then, before you leave, check the exterior of your bag for egg casings. Pay particular attention to folds or flaps.

Bed Bugsbed bug

A creature that’s eager to suck your blood while you sleep is the bed bug. These vampiric insects infest mattresses, furniture, closets, and ornaments. The bed and breakfast, motel, 5-star hotel, or even the taxi, train or bus that you’re in could harbor bed bugs. These insects are pretty hard to spot because they are nocturnal insects. This means that they are active at night. So, you won’t see them scurrying around during daylight, which makes them harder to see. Once you check in a room, what you Mattress with Bed Bugscan do is perform a thorough check. Look for brownish or dark red stains on mattresses that could indicate blood stains or bed bug droppings. Also, when you go back to your room, prepare yourself before turning on the light. Once you turn the light on, immediately look for signs of crawling bugs. Check under mattresses, inside closets, underneath picture frames, and other nooks and crannies. Make sure to bring a bed bug spray. Spray a generous amount all over your luggage to deter these bugs from crawling inside your bags.


Claire Pritchard is a home improvement hobbyist who regularly contributes articles about pest management. She writes for and other known pest control websites.

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