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Four of the Most Beautiful Scuba Diving Destinations in the World


Scuba diving is fast becoming a popular activity throughout the world.  The development of the PADI and SSI diving qualifications has meant that there is now a structured way to develop skills in the water that is available to everyone.  What this means is that divers can feel confident in their own skills before they dive in dangerous conditions rather than worrying that they are not prepared and that they are risking their lives.

A variety of scuba diving schools has also increased the profile of many of the top diving destinations from across the world.  Of course, there are hundreds to choose from and each location has something different on offer.  Some diving locations will offer a great range of sandy beaches which help to develop an overall package holiday whilst others can only be accessed by boat.  That being said many people will travel to locations purely for the amount of wreck diving, cave diving or even reef diving on offer.  Below are four of the most beautiful.

Legendary – The Great Barrier ReefDive - Great Barrier Reef

Among the most popular tourist destination hot spots in the world is The Great Barrier Reef.  Although this is known as a Mecca for divers of all abilities, it is also one of the most spectacular places for those that do not dive to visit.  The Osprey Reef is one that attracts a lot of attention here.  It is one of the most picturesque underwater places in the world and the visibility is among the very best.  There are various live-a-board vacations that can be booked by local tour operators allowing divers to see the reef in great detail rather than just scratching the surface with a day trip that lasts a few hours.

Stunning – Virgin GordaVirgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda might not get the press attention that the Great Barrier Reef does but that does not mean that this is not a diving hot spot.  For those that like wreck diving this is certainly the place to visit.  The wreck diving here is some of the best in the world, not to mention in the British Virgin Islands.  This is partly thanks to the HMS Rhone which sank here back in 1867.  This was a Royal Mail Steamer with plenty of character and now attracts tens of thousands of divers every single year; it is easy to see why.  The marine life that is on offer here is also something that is exceptional.  The time of year will play an important role on the types of creatures that roam the waters but even with that being said, the likes of octopus, lobsters and even barracuda are all regular occurrences in these waters.

Diving Hotspot – St. LuciaSt. Lucia

Those that are looking to find an area that is well known for diving could do a lot worse than St. Lucia.  This is a place that is loved by thousands of experienced divers from across the world.  What attracts many of the people here is the pure diversity of the dives that are on offer.  Of course, a trip here would certainly not be complete without a dive in Anse Chastanet.  Divers will be able to experience coral, both plate and star, and when they have finished diving they will be able to relax on some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world.

Thailand’s Natural Beauty – Phi PhiPhi Phi

The waters surrounding the Phi Phi islands are some of the most exceptional places to dive in the whole of Thailand.  This is certainly a big claim as the diving throughout Thailand is exceptional.  Like a select few other diving area, Phi Phi is one that offers a great range of sites.  Wrecks, reefs and caves are all on offer here, so there is a great chance for individuals to make their trip one that is unique and one to remember.  People spend weeks diving in Phi Phi and only just scratch the surface of what it really has to offer in terms of extremely high quality diving.  Places of interest include Shark Point and Anemone Reef, but King Cruiser Wreck is also a site that is on most people’s short list.

Most holidays allow people to explore land based commercialisation.  What diving holidays offer is a chance to get away from buildings and resorts and get back to basics with nature.  They offer people the chance to explore the underwater world of the sea in its natural beauty; a tranquil environment and picturesque scenery wait!

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One comment on “Four of the Most Beautiful Scuba Diving Destinations in the World

  1. Jack@biradivecamp
    May 19, 2014

    The Great Barrier Reef is very beautiful. My ultimate diving spot dream. Absolutely this is Mecca for divers of all abilities and it is also one of the most spectacular places for those that do not dive to visit.

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