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Top 5 European Festivals

Las Fallas Spain

Europe is a hub for some of the world’s most famous festivals.  Year round there are big and exciting festivals taking place all over Europe. Here are our top five picks for festivals you should consider visiting, so you can plan your next European vacation around them:

Running of the Bulls, Pamplona SpainRunning of the Bulls
If you are looking for excitement and thrills, consider the Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona Spain. This action-packed festival is held in July, and is one of the best known festivals of Europe.  The event is a 7-day fiesta to celebrate San Fermin (the patron saint of wineskins).   A crowd of more than twenty thousand jubilant and wild folks gather every morning as they await the group of bulls entering the course. The celebration starts when the bulls are released and they run through the streets to the bull ring.  Courageous men or should I say crazy youngsters jump into the course and taunt the running bulls. Some runners pay the price. Around 250 – 300 people get injured every year, and most are those who tried to out run the bull. Luckily, there are only 15 recorded fatalities since 1924 for Pamplona alone.

Oktoberfest, Munich GermanyOktoberfest Munich
Europe would never be complete without the famed Oktoberfest festival held in Munich Germany every September/October.  A 16-day feast of beers, imagine that! The festival started when Crown Prince Ludwig married his sweetheart, Princess Therese in October 1810. The event started as a matrimonial celebration and later on became a world festival.  Almost a million people gather in the Theresienwiese in Munich to celebrate the festival. Beers flood the scene, and people feast on a variety of traditional dishes such as Schweinebraten, Wurstl, and Steckerlfisch. Bands are everywhere; people are singing and dancing along the streets. It’s party all day!

Battle of the Oranges, Ivrea ItalyBattle of Oranges Italy
Are you in the mood to throw food at someone but can’t do it because the person might get angry? Pack your stuff and book a trip to Italy in March. The Carnevale di Ivrea, better known as the Battle of Oranges is the biggest food fight in Northern Italy. Festival-goers group themselves and armed with dozens of basket oranges, they throw them at one another. The festival represents the battle of commoners and the emperor’s men in the 19th century.  The Battle of the Oranges  runs from March 6 to March 9 and is open to all those who want to join.

St Patrick’s Day, IrelandSt. Patricks Day Dublin
Where else can you see a street painted green? Only in Ireland! Every 17th of March locals line the street and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Join the parade and dance along with the bands playing Irish tunes. The festival lasts five days and is highlighted by Skyfest, a grand firework display right in the heart of Dublin. The firework display is almost the same as that of a New Year celebration.  Concerts and outdoor stage play performances are everywhere. The festival also hosts the St. Patrick’s Day Cricket test, All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, and Rugby Senior Cup from different schools.

Las Fallas, SpainLas Fallas Spain
At least two weeks before March 19 consider booking your tours in Europe. Why? Because March 19 is the grand day for the people of Valencia Spain. The Las Fallas festival is a week-long celebration. Every day you get to watch parades on the street, and party every night until the 19th of March. Join the La Desperta parade, with a marching brass band playing lively tunes at eight o’clock in the morning. The festival is highlighted and completed by the burning of the elaborate constructions which were paraded during the week-long celebration.

Joining different festivals when visiting Europe can definitely make your trip more memorable and pleasurable, so don’t forget to plan your next trip to Europe around at least one of them!

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