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Australia’s Weirdest Native Animals


Famous for its landscapes, including tropical rainforests, sublime Reefs, mountainous regions and open waters – Australia is also equally famed for its wildlife.

With hundreds of amazing animals, including weird and wonderful ones native only to Australia, the wildlife is a good enough reason to visit there if nothing else.

Below are just 5 of the bizarre animals that call Australia home that you may or may not have heard of before, or even seen. As much as we love the Kangaroo and the Koala, these animals are a little bit weirder.

1. Sea DragonsSea Dragon

There are two types of Sea Dragons found in the waters of Australia, the ‘Leafy’ type and the ‘Weedy’ type. Similar to a seahorse, these strange looking creatures have long tubular snouts, separately moving eyes and have appendages on their body that resemble either leaves or weeds (hence their names).

Found mainly along the southern coastline of Australia, they are most prominent in the reefs and inshore areas offering plenty of seagrass to live in. They feed on small crustaceans such as mysids.

2. Spotted CuscusSpotted Cuscus

Known as the ‘brother’ of the more common Grey Cuscus, the Spotted type is a type of possum. They are very shy and only rarely spotted during its waking hours at night, the Cuscus spends the day sleeping crouched up in a rainforest tree.

Usually tan in colour with white spots, they climb through the canopies of trees with ease with their two-thumbed hands. Known to feed on mainly fruit and leaves, the Cuscus will also occasionally eat meat and eggs, likely nestling birds and other small easily caught animals.

3. Flying FoxFlying Fox

The Flying Fox is a type of bat, and the only mammal that can fly. The Flying Foxes are known as ‘mega-bats’ and are the largest bats in Australia. Despite their scary appearance these bats live on fruit and nectar and do not use ‘radar’ techniques like smaller well-known bats do.

They tend to camp in trees during the daytime in large numbers, giving a sight that may be rather creepy to some people, or perhaps may be an awesome one to others.

These mammals are classed as vulnerable due to forest clearing or as a result of them being killed by farmers who’s orchards they feed off due to their food supply being removed.

4. LyrebirdLyre bird

The extremely shy Lyrebird spends its days running extremely quickly through the underbush of Australia’s dense forests, mainly running away from anything it considers to be a threat.

Lookswise, they are very plain and brown, excluding wispy long tail feathers. Lyrebirds are masters of mimicry and can emulate sounds including chainsaws, dogs and whole groups of other birds.

Found along the eastern coast and also in Tasmania, they thrive in damp forests where insects and other insects littering the forest floors can be quickly retrieved and eaten.

5. EchidnaEchidna

Similar to the platypus the Echidna is one of few mammals that lay eggs yet produce milk for their young.

It is also similar to a chubby porcupine with shorter spines, these animals are often called ‘Spiny Anteaters’. They are common all over Australia and are mostly nocturnal creatures. They find shelter under rocks and timber or occasionally bury themselves in the ground.

They feed on ants or termites, which their long, thin snouts are perfect for digging them up with.

About the Author: Robert is a property investor in Australia who enjoys writing about a variety of things that are going on in the area where his next property investment job is located. He often refers to for extra information about his passion.

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