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What Type of Traveler Are You?

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Do you long to travel in style, with a chauffeur driver limousine picking you from the airport and taking you to see the sights of LA or would you prefer to dive straight in and stay in a tent in the middle of the Safari desert? There are many types of travelers out there – and defining your travelling style is vital for anyone looking to go globe-trotting.

Luxury Vs. ExperienceWant to stay in a tipi?

What’s the first thing your eye darts to – a luxury hotel in the heart of a city or the tipi set in the heart of the Brazilian rain forest? If you love the thought of spending the night in the wilderness, with a trusty penknife at the ready and the scurrying sound of animals all around then trekking/back-packing travelling experiences are your friend. You’ll get to experience the world in a whole new light, and delve into the cultures of those set across the world. It’s exciting, but only for a certain few.

Or at a Luxury Hotel?If however you hate creepy crawlies and you long for a comfortable bed at the end of your daily escapades then staying in a hotel is essential. While you can opt for a luxurious travelling experience, most of us can’t afford it – but staying with a local or in a nearby hostel can still offer a few home comforts. There are many different options, and talking to other travelers and speaking with travelling agents is a good way of identifying what you can get for your money – and what it is you want.

Remember – what works someone else might not work for you, so be honest with yourself. If the thought of spending the night in a tipi terrifies you, don’t do it. You can always change plans when you get more confident on your travelling excursion.

Culture or Couture?Are you a backpacker?

What do want to get from your travelling experience? Do you want to have more respect and understanding for the rest of the world? Or do you want a new wardrobe? There are many different motivations for going travelling, and identifying yours will help you plan your travelling experience.

Most of us girls, if we’re honest want a bit of both, and there is nothing wrong with this. And if you want to plan your travelling experience around a famous drinking establishment, then do it! This is all about you – and being honest with Or is a yacht more your style?yourself and maybe mixing it up with iconic landmarks, bars and shopping malls isn’t a bad thing at all. The best thing about travelling is that you can tailor it around what you want.

Hopefully this has helped you decide what you want from your travelling experience – and remember take LOTS of photos and document it as much as you can, because it’ll be one of the best and life-changing experiences of your life.

This article was written by Copywriter Gayle Brown on behalf of Airpark Me; transporting you to and from the airport and providing Heathrow airport parking to help you embark on your new and exciting travelling experience.

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