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Out of This World: When Will Space Tourism be a Reality for us all?

Travel to the Moon

“Fly me to the moon…” Who would have guessed that when Frank Sinatra sang this song in the 60’s, space would become the next hottest holiday destination? And yet, 50 years later, the future is here: you can now visit the infinite universe for ‘just’ around two hundred million dollars. But when will we ordinary people be able to get out of this world? It might be sooner than you think!

Image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

The concept seems outlandish and futuristic, and yet is it a more realistic idea that you think?People look forward to their holiday, as they want to ‘get away’ from it all. Well can you imagine what it might be like to not only leave the country, but leave this planet?

A Vacation That’s out of this World

Space tourism has seemed like the final luxury travel frontier for years, but the price for a ride to space is steadily and rapidly decreasing since the initial offer. The first affordable commercial flights might be just around the corner.

Various companies are designing and building next generation spaceships specially conceived for space tourists. Themed packages, such as weeks-long Apollo mission-style adventures, are already available to be booked. Some hotel companies are even talking about building private space stations where tourists could stay over night.

Technology is definitely becoming cheaper and advancing rapidly. I’d venture to guess that it is not undreamed-of to estimate that we will all be able to embark on a space adventure in the next twenty years or so.

The Final Frontier

The desire to explore space was strong since the first moon landing in 1969, when astronauts described their journeys as life-changing experiences. I guess flying to space would be a proper get-away-from-it-all holiday! I personally dream of flying weightless on a space shuttle and walking awkwardly on the moon from time to time. And looking at the Earth from far away! I guess this experience would really make you realize how big the universe actually is.

Image by tableatny

However, I am a bit scared about the preparation and the risks. I bet this kind of holiday is not suitable for people with delicate stomachs. But the discomfort wouldn’t last long – it now takes as little as two hours to get out of the Earth’s atmosphere!

Get ready for the final frontier holiday – you might experience it sooner than you think!

Have your say! Would you embark on a journey to space if you had the chance?

Elena Manighetti is a public relations blogger. Previously a journalist for news, lifestyle, and entertainment at Giornale di Bergamo, she writes about travel, lifestyle, and technology. She blogs for Hotelopia.

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One comment on “Out of This World: When Will Space Tourism be a Reality for us all?

  1. William Cox
    February 24, 2013

    I most definitely would embark on an adventure leaving the Earth, but I don’t just want to go out into close space (although looking at Earth at close proximity would be AMAZING!), I’d want to blast out into other galaxies in search of new planets…
    Ahhh, geek daydreaming!

    I think the biggest problem against space tourism is not just the cost (which you point out is going down), but of the natural resources and fuel that these type of craft use.

    I shall be watching the next 20 years closely, to see just how space tourism will develop. 🙂

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