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4 Ways To Fight The Boredom While You’re Saving Up For Your Massive Adventure

Saving for a Vacation
Once you know that you’re going traveling it’s time to get down to serious business. It takes a long time to save up all your money. If you don’t have any savings then it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Think about what it is you’re trying to do. You want to save up enough money so that you can spend up to a year doing absolutely nothing except explore temples and swim with dolphins. Once you get that into your head it makes the saving money part a lot easier, but that’s not to say you’ll enjoy spending the next few years doing almost nothing.

Most people give up on the idea of travel because it means they have to waste a few years of their life doing zilch. They’d rather be out with their friends every weekend spending hundreds of dollars on alcohol. You need to find stuff to do that’s going to get you through the tough times. When you feel like giving up and buying yourself an expensive gift you need something to turn to. You’re not the only one making big sacrifices. People do it every day to fulfill their dreams. Have a look at some of these cool things you can do that will help you enjoy your life and stop you from spending all your money.

Start studying early!Learn the Language
If you’re going to be spending time in one particular country more than any other you should definitely learn the language, or at least some of it so you can converse with the locals. You’d be surprised by who can speak English and who can’t. The people who can speak English fluently are usually the people who deal with tourists every day and not the actual locals you want to be speaking to. You can’t learn about a culture by speaking to people who want to sell you something for the highest price possible. You’re lucky because there’s some amazing language software out there and you can learn in your own time on the computer.

Get Much FitterBuild your endurance!
You don’t even have to step inside a gym to get a great body. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Use bodyweight exercises and you don’t even need to pay for any equipment. Traveling can be a pretty strange experience when it comes to staying healthy. Some people do manage to eat good meals and hit the gym every so often, but the biggest majority of people eat fried food every day and drink gallons of alcohol. If you have a nice body before you go it will take a while before it disappears. It also means you’ll look amazing on the beach with your top off.

Buy Small ThingsFlip Flops
You don’t need to spend lots of money, but it helps when you buy little things each month that get added to your collection. The first thing you’ll need to start with is a backpack, but then you have a travel towel, flip-flops, swimming shorts, and about another twenty things you could possibly take with you. You only need to get one of them each month and you will see your journey starting to take shape. You don’t want to wait until the last minute and have to buy everything at the same time.

Planning Every Last Detail
Most of the things you plan won’t end up happening. You end up meeting friends and following them on some epic journey. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spend all your time planning every single detail about your trip. Apart from the fact it’s so much fun you’ll also end up knowing a lot more about the country and what to expect. You can even go onto forums and speak to people who are in your identical situation. Maybe you could even organize to meet them somewhere on the road.

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One comment on “4 Ways To Fight The Boredom While You’re Saving Up For Your Massive Adventure

  1. Helpful! I’ve only got three weeks left to go until I head out on my next adventure, but it feels more like three years!

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