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Hiking In The French Alps

French Alps

Photo Courtesy of Complete Ski

When you consider the popularity of the French Alps for skiing trips, it would be easy to assume that this was the only way that you could enjoy a break in this area. Perhaps snowboarders could also enjoy the area and of course, there would be the fun of the après-ski set to enjoy as well but on the whole, the benefits brought about by taking a trip to the French Alps would generally center on skiing. This doesn’t have to be the case though and there are plenty of ways that you can benefit from making this your holiday destination, especially if you are a fan of hiking.

Ski the French Alps

Photo Courtesy of Prophetic Blogger

Again, the notion of skiing trips in the French Alps has possibly coloured the opinions of some people when it comes to what this area has to offer but there is genuinely a lot more to the French Alps region than just skiing. A tourist destination such as Chamonix has something to offer people all year round and if you are looking to enjoy a hiking trip, Chamonix can be an ideal base for your stay.

It would be fair to say that in general, France is one of the premier hiking destinations in Europe. It is said that there is over 100,000 km of hiking trails to be found in the country and the country has been quick to promote the benefits of taking this sort of break. Getting in plenty of exercise while enjoying some of the moist breath-taking views available is definitely something that will entice people and for European travellers, it will reduce their carbon

Hiking Mont Blanc, French Alps

Photo Courtesy of Cristian Bortes

footprint in comparison to lengthy trips to far-flung destinations.

Enjoy some of the best views in Europe
When you consider the height of Mont Blanc and the views that can be obtained from this mountain peak, it is clear to see why anyone looking to take a hike in beautiful surroundings would have a lot to enjoy about a break in the French Alps. Another massive benefit that comes from hiking in the French Alps is the warm weather, making for a much better climate during your hike.

French Alps Mont Blanc

Photo Courtesy of Alain Wibert

A major plus point about taking a hiking trip in the Alps is that many industry and hiking experts deem the Alps to be a safer challenge than many other mountain hikes around the world. One of the reasons for this is down to the fact that there is a highly efficient and professional mountain rescues service that covers the whole of the Alps. The cost of calling on their services can be expensive, which is why having insurance in place is essential but if you ever need to be rescued; it is comforting to know that there is a great support service in place to help you out.

There is also the huge popularity of hiking in the Alps to consider meaning that there is always likely to be people at hand and there is also little chance of meeting dangerous or wild animals. With well-marked trails and a thriving tourist industry ensuring that even when you get away from it all that you are never too far away from civilization  the French Alps provides a hiking break that you can really enjoy in comfort.

 Hiking the French Alps

Photo Courtesy of Keith Laverack

You can find a challenge hiking in the French Alps
Of course, some hikers are looking for a challenge and this can still be found in the French Alps. While there are many popular trails that are suitable for all the family, it is possible to get off of the beaten track and take in some more rugged terrain. These can offer up stunning tranquility which is a big reward for getting away from the more crowded areas but it does ensure that there will be a hiking trail and challenge to suit everyone. If you are keen to find a hiking destination that will please everyone in your group, hiking in the French Alps is a wonderful idea.

French Alps in the Summer

Photo Courtesy of BePak

If you like the idea of a hiking trip to the French Alps, it is likely that you will arrive at Geneva. This airport is handily placed to get to Chamonix but if you are carrying a lot of luggage with you, it can be best to arrange an airport transfer in advance. This will take a great deal of the strain out of your transfer, allowing you to focus on getting the most from your holiday. Booking an airport transfer to and from Geneva Airport and Chamonix ensures you can relax and don’t have to worry about many of the minor details that can blight your vacation.

French Alps Mont Blanc Native

Photo of Adorable Mont Blanc Native Courtesy of Cristian Bortes






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  1. Megan
    January 11, 2013

    Wow! Could that be anymore beautiful?

    • joytourandtravel
      January 11, 2013

      There are few vistas as breathtaking as the Alps. Thanks for stopping by Megan!

      • Megan
        January 12, 2013

        Thank you as well!

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