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Best Travel Apps for 2013

Best Travel Apps

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When you are in an unfamiliar city, state, or country you need as much help as you can get so you can focus more on enjoying your trip. Try these great smart phone apps that help you find the best place to eat, tell you the exchange rate of your money, hail a cab, or book a last minute flight!

Find the Best “Local” Places to Eat
Don’t you dare eat at a McDonald’s while visiting the culturally rich, Paris France when you can find a quality local restaurant filled with succulent dishes! This app helps you find that little hole in the wall that actually has the best apple pie that you would have avoided otherwise! Local food critics have teamed up with the Local Eats app to rate these restaurants and “put them on the map,” so to speak. This app is great in some locations but is still evolving in other areas. But still try! Just hit the button, “nearby” and only non-chain store will show in the results and some places even have menus to view, such a great idea! This app is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch for 99 cents!

Be Subway Savvy in an Unknown CountryThe Tube in London
Need to get from point A to point B in a hurry while on vacation or a business trip?  Well, the MetrO app is the way to go. Don’t jump on that crazy confusing subway system without a plan! All this app needs is your location, where you need to get to and when you need to get there by and voilà…the fastest route to where you need to be is listed! Travel to NYC or London without worry! You can easily find this app for the iPad and iPhone for free!

Convert Foreign Currency into Dollars
You may have spent hours and hours planning for your trip but you may have overlooked one important thing, the exchange rate for the dollar in whatever country you are in…no problem! Quickly download the XE Currencyapp for Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Windows, etc. (for free) and you will know exactly how much local currency that you will need.

Find a Map Anywhere, Anytime
With GPS and map apps on our smart phones we are almost never without the security of a map. Except of course, when all of a sudden you are out of the range for Wi-Fi service coverage or a 3G signal and can’t load your map. The City Maps 2Go app can connect all over the world and is available for the iPad and iPhone for $1.99.

Wi-Fi WorldwideFree Wifi App
When you need the internet for whatever reason you can use the  Wi-Fi Finder app that will guide you  to the nearest hotspot for the Android, iPad, iPhone and free in some cases!

Find Your Best Airline Itinerary for the Lowest Price
Find amazing flight options from your phone with the OnTheFly app. When there is no computer in sight and you need one, the OnTheFly app provides a more organized set of flight options with the cheapest as the priority and you will know when the next least expensive flight is. This app is for Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and is free in some cases).

Digitally Hail a Cab
Hailo is the best way to book a cab via phone and the app tells you how long it will take for them to be there. This is also a safety plua because the app also let’s you pick up your significant other. You can now feel safer and save time on calling each cabbie business in the city. Use the app’s settings to add your credit card details and a tip of your choice. Easily the best way to travel by taxi in London for sure! (Free for the iPhone and Android).

Gemma Hobbs has extensive experience as a travel consultant. She enjoys sharing her insights on various blogs. Visit this website for travel insurance information.

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