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Top 5 Exotic Yet Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations in Europe


Tired of spending your Valentine’s Day in the same old routine? Every year the “V-Day” is being celebrated around the world, although some countries celebrate the event in different day of the month. The most common way to celebrate this day is to dine in a restaurant with your sweetheart. Boring? Yes! Especially if you’re doing it every year.

One of the exciting ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is going to another place. Try heading to an exotic destination to spend this day. If you are planning to propose to your partner, this would be a perfect time and place. Spending time with your sweetheart in a foreign land can surely make your Valentine’s day enjoyable and memorable. Is Europe on your top list? Here are ideal destinations to check out.


Photo Courtesy of Victor

Discover the rich history of the city through the Pontes (Bridges) cruise tour. A boat trip along the river Douro is a good way to get a glimpse of the panoramic scenery in Porto and to learn a little about the city. There are about four bridges to be seen and passed by during the entire trip. A perfect excursion for you and your sweetheart while celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Gripsholms Castle MARIEFRED, SWEDEN

Photo Courtesy of Nigel Swales

Do you want to take a peek of the Medieval times? Mariefred is a good destination to visit this Valentine’s Day. Located at the southern part of Stockholm, lovers traveling to this town can enjoy the picturesque scenery of a Medieval period village. With wooden houses and old-fashioned cafes, spending a day in Mariefred can bring you both back in time during the Middle Ages. There are handicraft shops you can visit to get yourself a souvenir of this exotic place.

Frederiksberg gardens FREDERIKSBERG, DENMARK

Photo Courtesy of bjaglin

Nature lover? Head to Frederiksberg Gardens to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Frederiksberg offers enchanting landscape that can make your jaws drop. The laid-back atmosphere and captivating views surrounding the Baroque-style Frederiksberg Palace can create a lasting memory of this Valentine’s day getaway. You and your sweetheart can rest in the 200 year-old Chinese pagoda which brings more exotic ambiance to the park. Bring along food and blanket to have a picnic on the long stretch lawn.

Lodz is the second largest city in the country. What makes it an interesting Valentine’s day destination is the mix of old-time and modern touch in the city. The thriving nightlife in Lodz is perfect for lovers who enjoy partying all night long. Lodz has got several restaurants offering sumptuous food so there are many options where to dine. Despite the modernization, travelers can still enjoy sightseeing 19th and 20th century mansions, villas, factories and museums. Also, there are over 30 parks located in the city.


Photo Courtesy of Dougie Nisbet


Save your breath for this perfect getaway destination for two in Europe. When talking about romantic destinations during Valentine’s day, Durham should be on the list. With so many local attractions to head to, you and your sweetheart will never run out of places to visit. These attractions include Angel of the North, Alnwick Castle and St. Jame’s Park.

Head out to the hidden jewel in England – Durham Cathedral. A day might not be enough to explore the entire Cathedral. You can walk hand in hand with your partner on the riverside while enjoying the great serenity. Walk up to the Durham Cathedral’s tower via the 300 plus steps. Sounds tiring but it’s worth it when you reached the top. The stunning landscape makes it an ideal spot to get the ring and propose.


 Indeed, spending your Valentine’s Day in a different place is very romantic. You just need to pick a place, book a flight for two and search for good accommodation.




About the author. This guest post was written by Ashley O’connor. She is a social media blogger who specializes in travel and home improvement related topics. When she has spare time, she loves to travel to local and international destinations. She blogs for many successful companies including Palms Casino Resort, a good place to stay away from home. In addition to writing, she also enjoys reading books and watch her favorite tv shows.

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One comment on “Top 5 Exotic Yet Romantic Valentine’s Day Destinations in Europe

  1. Kelly Rogers
    February 25, 2014

    Oh. I like to visit the Frederiksberg Palace in Denmark. I like your proposal to sit in the pagoda with my husband. What a romantic setting. 🙂

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