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Vacation with Wildlife at Sunderban National Park in India

Sunderban National Park

Photo Courtesy of joiseyshowaa

Flaunting its scenic beauty with all the integrity of nature, Sunderban National Park is an example of true luxuriant greenery, which is reflected in its name. Perfect combination of nature and wildlife, the park name is derived from the vegetation called as “Sundari”. During the tour, one will feel the essence of divinity amidst the rich flora and fauna. Moreover, it is considered to be a heaven among the adventure lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and pleasure seekers. And, if it is an undiscovered paradise on some travelers’ list, they are surely devoid of the appeals blossoming in nature. This national park must be visited by everyone during lifetime to get acquainted with the true beauty blessed generously by the almighty.

Acknowledged as Sunderban tiger reserve in 1973 and wildlife sanctuary in 1977, The Park is packed in a blanket with the goodness of wildlife and nature. The Park is covering an area of 328,680 acres of emerald land in South 24 Parangas district of West Bengal. Sited alongside the river Brahmaputra and Ganga, the park offers a mind-blowing opportunity to its travelers to explore wildlife sanctuaries in this area of Haliday Island, Lothian Island and Sajnekhali. It is a home to a large number of tigers, which have adapted themselves to the water life and become great swimmers. Moreover, the park has been declared in the world heritage site in 1985.


Sunderban National Park - Red Flower

Photo Courtesy of Laura Dunn-Mark

The park comprises of 64 varieties of plants, which unfolds charming and unmatched exquisiteness. Travelers can spot flaming red leaves of genwa, yellow flowers of khalsi and red flowers of kankra during April to May months of the year. Other commonly seen plants round the year at the park are heritiera fomes, ceriops decandra, xylocarpus agallocha, sundari, passur and sonneratia alba.


Sunderban National Park - Tiger

Photo Courtesy of Tapas Dutta

Apart from the main attraction of Sunderban, which is Bengal tigers, it proffers a stupendous opportunity to its visitors to have a face to face contact with the many other wild creatures in their natural habitats. At every point of the park, there are numerous surprises laid for the travelers to make their excursion blissful and remarkable. Some of the creatures that are found in large amount in the park premises are jungle cat, spotted deer, Indian flying fox, wild pig, macaques, chital, leopard and fishing cats. In addition to this, the park boasts of huge number of reptile species including crocodiles, green turtles, common kraits, king cobras, pythons and monitor lizards.


Sunderban National Park - purple sunbird

Purple Sunbird

Sunderban is an ecstasy for ornithologists and bird watchers who travel from different nooks of the world to explore and capture the different species of birds in the camera. Commonly seen birds in the park are mangrove pitta, house sparrow, wagtail, purple sunbird, mangrove whistler, Asian pied starling and masked fin foot.


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