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Weekend Gateway at Darjeeling

Darjeeling Monkey

Photo Courtesy of Man Bartlett

Darjeeling, a popular tourist destination in the state of West Bengal, is known worldwide for its tea industry and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a result, the tourist flow to the place is increasing day by day.


Darjeeling Tea Fields

Photo Courtesy of Abhishek Kumar

The Darjeeling hills are part of the Lesser Himalayas or the Mahabharat Range. The soil is often poorly consolidated and is not suitable for agriculture. Because of loose topsoil and steep slopes, the place experiences frequent landslides during the monsoons, making monsoons a time to avoid Darjeeling.

Flora and fauna

Different types of colourful and wild flowers hang around in the roadsides and is sight of wonder and delight for tourists who come from the crowded urban world. Dense evergreen forests of oak and sal abound in the town, where orchids are a common sight.

Fauna also abounds in Darjeeling which includes ducks, plovers, teals, and gulls. There are some delightful mammals like civets, badgers and mongooses. The wildlife in the district is protected by the wildlife wing of the West Bengal Forest Department. The nearby Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary consists one- horned rhinoceroses, tigers, hog deer, elephants and leopards. Bird species present here include herons and Bengal florican.


Darjeeling Marigolds

Photo Courtesy of fabulousfabs

Darjeeling has a temperate climate, and experiences 5 distinct seasons:

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Autumn
  4. Winter
  5. Monsoons

The highest rainfall occurs in July, so tourists should avoid that month.


  • The Darjeeling carnival: It is a 10- day carnival that hosts a variety of functions like tea- drinking ceremonies, ethnic food festivals, music concerts, poetry- reading sessions, Land Rover rally, and painting and photo exhibitions. Tourists wishing to witness the carnival should visit in the month of November when the carnival is held.
  • The birthday of Lord Buddha is celebrated with grand processions in mid- June every year.


  • Momo: The most popular food of Darjeeling is the Tibetan momo, which is a steamed dumpling consisting meat and vegetables wrapped in a doughy wrapping. It is served with soup and ‘achar’. Tourists can buy them at minimal prices (approx 20rs) from almost any restaurant and roadside food outlet.
  • Thukpa: It is a type of Tibetan noodle that is served in soup.
  • Shapalay: It is Tibetan bread stuffed with meat.
  • Fermented food and beverages are consumed by a large percentage of the population. Fermented food includes preparations of bamboo shoots, sel roti (made from rice), soyabean and milk.
  • The most popular beverage is, inarguably, tea. The Tibetan version is also drunk. Alcoholic beverages include ‘jnaard’, ‘Tongba’ and ‘chhaang’.


Cedar Inn: A paradise located in Jalapahar Road, away from the crowd of the town, the hotel basks in peace and tranquillity. It is known for its clean and spacious rooms, furnished with 2 star facilities.

Darjeeling Festival

Photo Courtesy of Juan M. Gatica

Windamere: Situated in the Observatory Hill, the Windamere hotel, Darjeeling boasts jaw- dropping views of Mount Kanchenjunga and the tea plantations below.

Classic guest house: It is a small and exclusive guest house having just 5 rooms. Its beauty is enhanced by a wonderful lawn garden in the front.

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