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Must See Places in Rome

Rome, the Eternal City, has been enticing visitors for years and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The city holds profound history, magnificent art, and some of the best food on earth. The city is large and offers so many things to do and see, so we’ve compiled a list of the top things to do while you are in Rome.

  • The Pantheon is an important historic building in Rome and looks very similar to how it did nearly 2,000 years ago.
  • The Roman Forum holds the remains of previous Roman structures. You’ll need an imagination or a guide to show you what “used to be” while touring these ruins.
  • Next up, visit the Colosseum. When we visited, we bought tickets ahead of time so that we could skip the lines, which we’d highly recommend. The Colosseum is full of history and intrigue, therefore, we’d recommend hiring a guide or using a guidebook to walk you through the structure.
  •  The Vatican City is an important religious city where you can visit St. Peter’s Basilica or one of the Vatican Museums. As recommended previously, we’d recommend using a guide book or hiring a guide to explain the importance or history at each stop along the way. When we visited, we bought tickets ahead of time for the museum and saved a lot of time by skipping the long lines.
  • The cuisine in Italy is second to none. When we visited, we couldn’t stop sampling the delicious gelato and pasta dishes. While you’re here, try the cacio e pepe (a spaghetti dish with pecorino romano and black pepper) or the spaghetti alla carbonara (also a spaghetti dish with sauce made from pecorino romano and pancetta). We enjoyed having meals outside where we could people-watch.
  • The Trevi Fountain is a popular tourist destination that can be over-crowded but definitely worth seeing.
  • The Piazza Navona is a popular square in Rome. Whether you want to people watch, admire the ornate fountains, or enjoy a meal, Piazza Navona is definitely worth visiting.
  • There are many beautiful churches in Rome that hold a lot of history and are truly breathtaking once you walk inside.  Some good options are Church of San Luigi de Francesi or Santa Maria della Vitoria.
  • Finally, be sure to stop by the Spanish Steps, which is also a popular tourist destination. If you’re a fan of fewer tourists, consider visiting this landmark at night, where it tends to be quieter.

Rome offers a plethora of sites to see and is full of so much history. Whether you are planning a trip now or want to visit sometime in the future, make sure you stop at these places when you visit. Also, whenever possible, buy tickets ahead of time to skip the lines and check the weather before you pack. Enjoy the Eternal City!

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    Great advice… All must sees in Rome.

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