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Cruise Do’s and Don’ts!

Cruise ship
PackingDO Bring A Variety of Clothing
Even if you’re going to the Caribbean where temperatures are generally warm, you can experience a cold spell that requires a jacket or long pants. It’s best to pack a variety of versatile outfits in neutral colors that are easy to mix and match as needed, as weather conditions require. Packing two bathing suits is a good idea. You can wear one while the other is wet. Dressing up is required for dinner on some lines, but most allow casual clothing as well.

This is too manyDON’T Bring Too Many Shoes
Pare down your outfits to use just a couple pairs of shoes, such as one pair of dress sandals and one pair of sneakers. Shoes add a great deal of weight to luggage and can cost additional money for your flight. Make sure you have one pair of good walking shoes. You will be walking during shore excursions and you may wish to enjoy the running track on board the ship.

DO Bring a Personal First Aid Kitfirst aid kit
An emergency kit can save you time for minor ailments instead of going to the ship’s medical facility. Include aspirin or substitutes for headaches and minor pains, antacids, cold medication, a few band aids, antiseptic ointment, aloe vera for sunburn and any other medications or supplies you need for your particular circumstance. Though seasickness is unlikely on board huge ships, bring motion sickness medication.


DON’T Book Additional Excursions Blindlysegway tour
Ask specific questions about any excursions that will take you away from the ship, such as who leads the tour, the guide’s experience, the roughness of the water, safety measures and other pertinent information. Remember to realistically gauge your activity level to the excursion.


DO Attend the Emergency DrillLife Jackets
Many people think this is a waste of their vacation time and forego attending the emergency drill that each cruise line conducts on-deck at the beginning of each cruise. However, recent news reports prove that you never know when or how an emergency will arise. Attend the on-deck drill and pay close attention to instructions. Make sure your family knows where to meet in case of emergency.


inside Celebrity Century

DON’T Keep To Yourself
A cruise ship is a place to mix and mingle. Take advantage of the group dinners to speak to people from around the country and around the world. Strike up conversations on deck. This experience will enhance your cruise experience and give you many memories to take home with you.


cruise ship activitiesDO Try All the Shipboard Activities
Part of the fun of a cruising is experiencing the many activities onboard. Try the rock-climbing wall, enjoy a comedy show, dance in the disco, and sing karaoke. These activities will all help to make your trip more memorable.


DON’T Overdo the AlcoholNot too many...
Nobody enjoys a shipboard drunk. You will not have to suffer the embarrassment from your actions if you drink in moderation while you are onboard the ship. Pace your drinking and make sure you enjoy the abundance of food on the ship




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