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Why Taking A Vacation Is So Important

Beach Night CapGoing on a vacation can mean anything from visiting a large city in a distant country to staying in the most isolated place imaginable. While the location and activities are widely divergent, there are good reasons to go on regular vacations.

Stifling Cycle

Staying within a familiar routine stifles creativity. Problems are not addressed, and, if they are, solutions are hard to recognize. Life becomes boring and someone feels stuck. Feeling stuck leads to believing that there is no hope that life will change for the better. Without hope, a feeling of being overworked and unappreciated settles in. Stress builds up. Stress leads to health problems including high blood pressure, headaches, trouble getting a good night’s sleep and cancer. Between 75 to 90 percent of all visits to a doctor are related to stress. Going on a vacation can help reduce these conditions. Money spent on a vacation is a good trade-off from spending money on medical bills.

Physical Health

Physical health is directly related to someone’s outlook on life. Home life, social activities and work performance are related to physical health. Good physical health leads to looking good and having more energy. When someone is in top physical shape he has greater self-confidence. Self-confidence allows someone to stay calm in stressful situations. Self-confidence is one trait of a leader.

Really Go

A vacation does not mean taking time off and staying home. A real vacation means leaving a familiar environment. In an unfamiliar environment, attention increases. Everything becomes new and exciting. Food, clothes, colors and behaviors are noticed, compared and evaluated.

RelaxDog Slaughter Falls

With the use of technology, it is tempting to take along work. Instead, leave it behind. While being in a new place helps to focus attention on the surroundings, the detachment from the previous environment allows the mind to relax. A relaxed mind allows new solutions to problems to enter into the conscious mind. It is on vacation when many people are able to clearly evaluate what they are doing in life and solve difficult problems faced at work.

New Ideas

Traveling abroad provides the double benefit of understanding how other people view someone’s native country as well as boosting creativity. Simple, everyday routines are called into question, like what is the normal time for dinner or supper? Are the terms dinner and supper interchangeable?

Bring Children JoyKids playing in a field

Taking children on a vacation gives them wonderful memories. According to research from Cornell University, personal experiences are more satisfying than receiving a material thing. Experiences bring joy in a way material goods cannot. Children grow quickly. Experiencing a new environment together allows a family to feel closer and create good memories that are personal and cannot be devalued or taken away.

You Can Go

Many people are considering whether or not they can afford to go on a vacation. Keep in mind a vacation can be inexpensive and can be short. The purpose is to renew the spirit and completely relax.

Back from Vacation

The sense of creativity, relaxation and new perspectives gained while on vacation transfers back into the old familiar environment. Problems do not seem overwhelming. Solutions present themselves with ease. Interpersonal relationships improve. With the reduction in stress health improves. With increased energy, enthusiasm and productivity increase. Going on a vacation is one of the best things in life anyone can do.

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4 comments on “Why Taking A Vacation Is So Important

  1. travelomatrix
    January 26, 2017

    OHH Really? I am taking some time to my busy schedule and plan to go a long tour with family. Thanks for sharing this article.

    • jessicaolis
      April 24, 2017

      That’s awesome! Have an amazing time.

  2. Jennifer Killgo
    April 24, 2017

    Vacations, time away from work, spending some time with the family, relaxing, recouping, reenergizing, and seeing new places, at least that seems to be the expectation as vacations are planned. Although, many people do not take their vacation time for several factors, but without taking time off the likelihood for burnout on the job is increased. Burnout can look like many things, such as a poor attitude at work, or being short tempered with customers. Most employees have a misconception that their company could not function without them for so long, or that they would fall behind on task. Without taking a vacation the quality of work goes down and so does productivity. Therefore, vacations should be mandatory for all families to benefit internal family relationships, improve work productivity, and to see new places.
    With email and smartphones there is more and more intrusion of work at home and less time for family. In addition to helping strengthen the family dynamic taking a vacation can also improve your quality of life. Try turning off the computer and phone, and zone out on the beach for a day or two. This can decrease your risk of a heart attack by nearly 30%. (STOHLER) By setting family goals and meeting those goals (i.e. budgeting, planning, and having the children meeting goals such as packing and cleaning the house before a trip) teaches children responsibility. For instance, for children, spending time with the family can help build confidence, encourages healthy habits and decreases the chance of drug use. (Walsh) Just by asking the children their input on family vacation choices, they feel important to the family dynamic, which helps their confidence level and helps them learn healthy habits. (Walsh) Spending time with family can also help strengthen the bond between a parent and child and well as bonds between siblings. This can make a lasting impression on children that can shape their views on life in general. As children get older they look to their peers for guidance, children that spent time with their parents are learn good habits and guidance from their parents on how to act and behave around others. The same statistics apply for teen behavior as well. Teens who spend time with their families are four times less likely to smoke, or use drugs, and are half as likely use alcohol. (Walsh)
    When you are constantly draining your resources, you are not being as productive as you can be. If you get depleted, we see performance decline. You’re able to persist less and have trouble solving tasks.” (Robertson) Most who own their own business can be the guiltiest about workplace burnout. In addition, with boss’ not taking a vacation it tends to set an unspoken president that employees are not to take time off either or that their position is replaceable. (De Bloom, Geurts and Kompier) There are programs like, Project: Time Off, that are encouraging employers to get the employees to use their time off even for a day out with the family or friends. Nearly 41% of the workforce in America that does not use paid vacation time. (Laden) That is nearly half of the workforce in America.
    For instance, in Colorado alone there are so many things to do year around. (Howard) When the state of Colorado is mentioned skiing, hiking and the rocky mountain national park come to mind. There are people who travel across the country to see the beautiful state. (Laden) There are so many things to see here in Colorado. Rocky Mountains, Vail, Aspen, Durango, The Four Corners, Royal Gorge Bridge, and the million-dollar highway are just a few of the attractions that bring people to this state alone. Seeing new places can help you connect to a new culture. When people connect to a new culture they are also helping their emotional connection to the time that you traveled. In the aging process, this has been shown to improve the memory. (STOHLER) Neuropsychologist agree that new cultures can help open minds to new process of doing things as well as new ways to be more effective by learning new things from different cultures. (STOHLER)
    In conclusion, vacations should be mandatory for all families to benefit internal family relationships, improve work productivity, and to see new places. Spending time with families helps to build a stronger family dynamitic, can improve productivity at work and let us learn new cultures while improving the health and well-being. Without vacations the likelihood of burnout and early death could occur. Every family should have the chance to take at least one vacation a year. To help facilitate this as an incentive by making vacations tax deductible would help more Americans take their rightfully earned vacation time. This would help the American people develop a better family dynamic, develop a better reputation at work and see new places and cultures. This can impact children to see time taken out of a busy schedule for some self-care and some rest and relaxation.

    • jessicaolis
      April 24, 2017

      Thank you for the additional information, Jennifer!

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